Right Now Stop Mr Quintana’s Mandate In Myanmar

Mr Quintana Should Been Stoped His Responbility Of UNHCR In Myanmar.He Is Saying and Reporting UNHCR by lying and Make Fake Report.He Bias on Muslims Always.ipHe Look at For The Profit Bangali Muslims Only one side By Standing.He is not Honest man.He Never Can Solve Conflicts or Problems In Myanmar. He is Voilating Human’s Right.So, Right Now Should Stop His Duty or Mandate In Myanmar.(The Golden Arakan Land)

About khaingkyawsan009@gmail.com
I have Interest on Computer's Technique And I Like To listen Cold Songs.Listening To Song Is giving Relaxation For Me.I Feel,Listening To Songs Is Like Freedom။ I Think,Songs Can Give Portability In My Mind. I Created This Music Site On 11 January 2011 To Can Listen By Everyone.IF You Get New Songs,Please Send InTo My Mail.Thank You All.Coming AGain။

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