Who own Palatwa?

Palatwa City is a part of Arakan ancestral land.Why are some of chin’s leader making objection to build information office by ALP?As soon as I hear that news,I so surprise. Let me explain it.Including of Arakan(Rakhine),Kachin,Kaya,Karen,Chin,Mon,Chan are below Burma’s rule.otherword, We are colony of Burma.

We should know and understand Burma’s authorities plan.This isn’t time to debate within us.Historically,Palatwa is the own land of Arakan absolutely.I think,Most of Chin people is saying,Palatwa is ownership of Chins according to 1974 constitution and 2008 constitution,We all don’t accept or accord 1974 constitution and 2008 constitution too.it is not acceptable base.

I Would Like to ask Chin’s leader.For example,If Burma authority holders insert or demarcate Hakha city into Rakhine State(Arakan),Do Chin Like and accept on that?If you sympathize like brotherly together,you will know who is own Palatwa.Burma Government make entanglement within ethnics.It will get result estrangement that Burma create.We should know divide and rule.What is our target?What do we want?Just march for what we want together hand in hand.(GoldenMraukOo)

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